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Client Priority Financial Advisors LLC (CPFA) is an hourly, fee-only
financial advisory firm focused on offering its clients affordable
financial planning and advice. 

The firm helps families and individuals plan for future financial goals such as retirement and college for their children. CPFA helps its clients achieve their financial goals using systems that evaluate their current condition and quantify how to reach future goals. 

Sound financial planning and advice.  The client is always the priority.

​​Hourly, Fee-Only

Financial Planning and Advice

No Commissions

No Automatic, Recurring Fees

The Client is Always the Priority

Our philosophy is that affordable advice and low-cost investment options
give families an edge over higher-cost alternatives.  Our investment recommendations are designed to offer clients efficient investment
portfolios without the negative effects of high fees. The less an investor
gives away in fees, the more your own money is working for you.

The benefits of CPFA’s model over many competitors
CPFA provides advice on an hourly basis which tends to be substantially
less expensive than firms who charge 1% or more of assets under management.  The other firms' model leads to higher and higher fees

paid each year for less advice given.  Additionally, many of these other firms put your money in their own mutual funds that usually have
high management fees compared to simple index funds.  These
company-sponsored funds often underperform their market index
benchmarks which can be a substantial additional cost to you.

As a fee-only planner, CPFA can advise you on all of your
financial needs, unlike many other managers who advise only on
assets which they have under direct management.

CPFA does not receive commissions or any other kind of hidden compensation so it does not have any incentives to provide advice

and recommendations other that what is in your best interests. 

As we are not compensated by anyone other than you, there aren't

any conflicts or biases to recommend investments that are

anything but the most prudent for you.

CPFA has a legal "Fiduciary Duty" to its clients to act in their

best interests.  Many financial advisors do not have such

a responsibility and are held to a lesser standard.

Your investments will be held at major companies like Vanguard

or Fidelity and CPFA will not have any personal access to your

accounts.  This should provide a level of comfort that no one

other than yourself can manipulate your accounts.

At CPFA, the Client is Always the Priority.